The World of Investing + Dating.

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Zeydra brings together real value-add companionships.

To effectively match up both sides of that equation, our community is made up of aspiring and seasoned people. If you aren’t sure which user-type you fit under? Read below and you can sign up for your free profile here.


  • Just starting to learn more about investments in general
  • Goals of learning more about a particular investment category or vehicle
  • Single and ready to mingle


  • Experienced in one or more categories of investments
  • Willing to share and mentor others on good source of education, information.
  • Single and ready to mingle

We highly encourage all members to create their profiles with honest info and quality photos and posts. The more interesting your profile, the higher chance you’ll earn more ZIL tokens!

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Zeydra Investment Series

* where we combine investing + dating worlds.

Stop Thinking And Being Broke.

If you have any hint of an income, or excess cash laying around (savings, piggy bank even the change under your arm rest or inside the couch cushions) you are ready and able to invest. That means increasing the probability that the spare dollar(s) can be worth much more later than its current value by putting it to work.

As a reminder bank interest, savings and fixed income rates are at historic lows. That maybe good for borrowing but horrible for saving and sitting on cash, you have to do some yield chasing that means allocate some of your cash elsewhere. …

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ZEYDRA (beta)

Time is valuable, and with crypto-micropayments our members truly adhere to this classic phrase, along with another old saying…talk is cheap.

We want ZEYDRA members to be serious about their interest with one another, and also develop a level of commitment when they think they’ve found a good match.

ZEYDRA’s use of crypto-micropayments help members prove when they actually value each other’s time, quite literally. Meaningful interactions/features will require the use of ZIL tokens such as unlocking photos and supporting each other’s content.

But unlike other dating applications, that tokens (ZIL are exchangeable for real dollars) actually goes directly to the person you interact with! …


The World of Investing + Dating. ZEYDRA.COM

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