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Stop Thinking And Being Broke.

If you have any hint of an income, or excess cash laying around (savings, piggy bank even the change under your arm rest or inside the couch cushions) you are ready and able to invest. That means increasing the probability that the spare dollar(s) can be worth much more later than its current value by putting it to work.

As a reminder bank interest, savings and fixed income rates are at historic lows. That maybe good for borrowing but horrible for saving and sitting…

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ZEYDRA (beta)

Time is valuable, and with crypto-micropayments our members truly adhere to this classic phrase, along with another old saying…talk is cheap.

We want ZEYDRA members to be serious about their interest with one another, and also develop a level of commitment when they think they’ve found a good match.

ZEYDRA’s use of crypto-micropayments help members prove when they actually value each other’s time, quite literally. Meaningful interactions/features will require the use of ZIL tokens such as unlocking photos and supporting each other’s content.

But unlike other dating applications, that tokens (ZIL are exchangeable for real dollars)…

When a new member signs up for their profile, the last step of the process is creating your individual crypto-ZIL compatible wallet. New members get seeded with 100 Free ZIL tokens to keep or spend! (ZIL is a global cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin)

It is important to finish this step because most interactions (earn & spend ZIL tokens) on ZEYDRA requires the use of this wallet.

It is only a few easy steps to ensure you successfully created your wallet. If you need the instructions for mobile click here.

  1. Right after uploading profile photos…
finish uploading profile pics…

2. …You will be prompted to…

This is going to feel new to most but your incentive to create a wallet is to claim your free 100 ZIL crypto currency tokens. Just like Bitcoin, ZIL value fluctuates and could be worth a lot in the future…no promises, not financial advice!

Here’s a simple 5 step process for creating your new Zeydra ZIL wallet during the initial sign up of www.zeydra.com. *This process is strictly for Beta version, we will be switching to a mnemonic or alternative key store method when 1.0 launches. (If you need desktop instructions click here.)

After uploading your initial profile pics, you…

Zeydra brings together real value-add companionships.

To effectively match up both sides of that equation, our community is made up of aspiring and seasoned people. If you aren’t sure which user-type you fit under? Read below and you can sign up for your free profile here.


  • Just starting to learn more about investments in general
  • Goals of learning more about a particular investment category or vehicle
  • Single and ready to mingle


  • Experienced in one or more categories of investments
  • Willing to share and mentor others on good source of education, information.
  • Single and ready to mingle

We highly encourage all members to create their profiles with honest info and quality photos and posts. The more interesting your profile, the higher chance you’ll earn more ZIL tokens!


Savannah, 21 Las Vegas

Hi, I am Savannah I am 21 years old and I am here to tell you a little about my thoughts and opinions on mutually beneficial companionships and mentorships.

Well let’s just jump right into it. I have used different dating apps before looking for good company but I’m also busy working towards my education and career. I’ve talked to men online, met for coffee, dinner and texted with them. What I have found is a ton of men and women in the casual sense just want one thing and one thing only, hooking up. …

by Jeff Lancing at www.zeydra.com

I barbacked for a year at a prestigious restaurant chain in LA and made full time bartender which lasted a good three years. I made great tips during the summers no doubt and was saving up for university classes for dentistry.

But I calculated that even with my top earnings, I was bringing home just enough to cover basic bills with about $500 left over per month. That would take me years to save up for tuition and a better future I thought. …

By Jesse Sung, Founder & Mentor at ZEYDRA.com

Read part one here.

Self Reflection

With a visual diagram of people and events, it makes it a whole lot easier to reflect back upon how you got to where you are today.

We all have our origin tales and portal plots thereafter. Mine in a shell casing could begin with an only child of two immigrant housekeepers living in Berkeley California. I blindly spent my late teens and early 20s discarding my business degree from San Jose State and banking on the entrepreneurial route. …

by Jesse Sung Founder & Mentor at ZEYDRA.com

“Time is valuable, so is good company” — zeydra.com

Part I.

When you look back at all your past decisions, every single person in your life has played some variable role in the mapping of those choices. The pivotal ones send us through the equivalent of what are life portals, as they are life changing.

When you decide to move to a new city, accept a new job offer or get involved in a new relationship, these choices stem from the interactions you have with the people in your life. We are all living, breathing individual payloads of energy and information. …

The World of Investing + Dating. ZEYDRA.COM

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