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Stop Thinking And Being Broke.

If you have any hint of an income, or excess cash laying around (savings, piggy bank even the change under your arm rest or inside the couch cushions) you are ready and able to invest. That means increasing the probability that the spare dollar(s) can be worth much more later than its current value by putting it to work.

As a reminder bank interest, savings and fixed income rates are at historic lows. That maybe good for borrowing but horrible for saving and sitting on cash, you have to do some yield chasing that means allocate some of your cash elsewhere.

Once you get familiar with how easy accessing investments are nowadays, you start adding investing right into that “next purchase” bucket (non-essentials of course). Should I buy that new pair of shoes? or tickets to Coachella? trip to Miami? or should I invest the money now and let the money make more money? I know where I tend to lean.

Start Looking at Each Dollar in a Different Light.

I actually see every single $1 as $2, $5, $20+ instead of its face value, that’s because I know first hand how effective every dollar can be when invested properly. Disclosure *Doesn’t mean I don’t tip properly.

Wether it’s allowing compounding to do its thing or speculating on asymmetric risk vs reward of rocket ship opportunities, I would gladly invest my dollar(s) before I spend them.

8 Easy Ways to Invest Online (and Diversified)

You want to find an expert or mentor in the long run, not some “Robinhood” or Bitcoin kid dishing out reckless financial advice. The point is for you, the individual, to learn how to invest and know what you are investing in, not allowing someone else to tell you or invest for you. Why would you not want to be in control of your own money? The right mentor will teach you how to invest not where to invest.

Less than a decade ago, there was still an unfair imbalance of investment offerings to the general public. Only rich, “accredited” investors could legally have access to many of the best investment opportunities.

Since May of 2016, through the JOBS Act titles IV, V (commonly referred to as Regulation A/A+) now anyone can invest into crowdfunding startup companies through different authorized platforms.

Another example of such lifting of barriers are investments such as REITs, ETFs and fractional ownership of larger assets and cryptocurrencies.

Here are 8 different ways to easily invest your money today:

  • Regular Savings, CDs
    understand what interest % your bank is paying you per year ; best options
  • Stocks, Bonds, ETFs
    apps like Robinhood, Etrade allow anyone to start buying stocks of your favorite companies with just a few clicks
  • Robo Advisors, Wealth Management
    Acorns, Betterment, help you save and auto-invests your money for you
  • Real Estate
    learn about REITs, services like
    Fundrise to get real estate investing exposure without having to buy or own an entire property.
  • Cryptocurrencies / DEFI
    , Binance.US are two of the most established and trusted exchanges to start your crypto journey.
  • P2P lending
    Lending Club and others provide you a way to invest (lend) and earn higher interest %
  • Fractional Ownership Collectibles
    Owning a fraction of a rare collector’s item, from luxury cars, art paintings to sports or fashion memorabilia. Items which could go up in value. e.g RallyRd.
  • Crowdfunding Investments
    Investing directly into startup companies. It’s now possible for average person to be able to invest minimal amounts of money into potentially the next Uber, TikTok or In-N-Out Burger. e.g SeedInvest, Microventures

I’ve put together a list of 39 companies that cover the scope of all the different investment vehicles defined above. Access the list below.

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This is a life long skill anyone and everyone should consider learning the basics on. Finding a mentor who has experience in diversifying and optimizing investment exposure is critical in creating long term wealth.

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