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Hi, I am Savannah I am 21 years old and I am here to tell you a little about my thoughts and opinions on mutually beneficial companionships and mentorships.

Well let’s just jump right into it. I have used different dating apps before looking for good company but I’m also busy working towards my education and career. I’ve talked to men online, met for coffee, dinner and texted with them. What I have found is a ton of men and women in the casual sense just want one thing and one thing only, hooking up. Good times or not, it’s not all about the hookup for me and I would say so for most girls I know, because time really is valuable, I can’t waste my energy on people who drain it while taking away from my personal goals.

Over the years people have been also getting involved in things called “arrangements” that is much more mutually beneficial and defined by exchanging company for financial support. This unfortunately plays into the worlds of gold diggers, sugar daddies, babies and all that stuff.

Don’t get me wrong that is completely okay in my opinion but I do believe arrangements would be viewed as more of a norm thing if genuine bond and even a mentorship was involved. Why is that you may be thinking? Well as a young woman attending university, I’m starting my life, my real adult life and quite honestly it’s daunting. I already know how important just a few productive years can be in determining your future.

It only took me a few years of partying to miss the boat on getting into a good school. I also need to figure out my part time job situation to juggle with university, I’m already feeling a little lost with how fast the world is changing.

I know a proper mentor who has experienced life and knows the in and outs of the world in becoming successful, or at the very least an expert in some practice or business that I’m pursuing (business law).

You can get the knowledge and the skills along with the providence of professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in university and your practicum and way beyond that. Young people would be able to see where we need to improve where we cannot and the person with experience has already seen it and can mentor us through early stages of young adulthood. Mentorship along with a real companionship keeps things really exciting and always something new to talk about and bring forward in the setting. It would be so ideal for anyone to have that special person to call a friend or more, who enjoys your company while being able to support you and setting you up for a life ahead with great knowledge.

I personally have been offered a mentorship with someone I was seeing, where this person wanted to mentor me and to push me to achieve my goals in university and life in general. I turned down the request as I first felt the two things wouldn’t mix. But after going back on the dating circuit only to find myself dealing with immature, “hookup” guys yet again, I regretted the refusal and honestly wanted to find that going forward.

At the time most would think “ what can an older person really mentor a 21 year old. That won’t seem just old fashion talk” But there are so many things we can learn that actually carry forward and are still relevant to grow as individuals with success being our end goal in life. Having a successful mentor you will create necessary boundaries that us young women cannot set for ourselves and bring realistic standards into our everyday lives. This type of companionship would be exactly like a friends with benefits type situation. If you get along with a man who is successful and you two vibe and attraction is there as well, what is the harm in a mutually beneficial exchange with someone on top of an amazing friendship.

There should be absolutely no bad stigma behind it or judgement upon this in my opinion. We really only have a part of our lives to make all the right choices to get ahead.

But like dating in general, you need to be careful and filter through. You do need to make sure though this mentor is a truly a successful or knowledgeable person, who takes mentoring you seriously and not someone who just wants to waste your time and get in your pants. I think overall, mentorship can bring great opportunities to the table and make achieving our goals a lot more possible with mentorship by our sides. I’m all for finding the right person to exchange time and experience with in this type of relationship and I am looking on hopefully to find a mentor first and foremost.

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