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ZEYDRA (beta)

Time is valuable, and with crypto-micropayments our members truly adhere to this classic phrase, along with another old saying…talk is cheap.

ZIL (Zilliqa blockchain)

ZIL (Zilliqa) is an established, globally accepted crypto-currency similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum (yes price can be volatile) and has been known as one of the leading, fastest blockchain protocols in the top 100 tokens globally.

ZIL Usage

These common member to member interactions may seem like spare change but they truly help members signal and evaluate interest levels incrementally. The common actions range from 10ZIL to 50ZIL which at the time of this writing ranges $0.20 to $1.00 based off real time price exchange rates, fun and helpful gestures for all members.

  • unlocking additional photos $0.20 worth of ZIL
  • requesting proof photos $1.00 worth of ZIL
  • proposing a scheduled date $1.00 (no guarantees they will accept but it’s a nice flirt/gesture) worth of ZIL
  • These fees are not yet finalized but are more or less realistic examples.

ZIL Wallet (for beta version)

  1. Once you are first logged in, you will be prompted to create your ZIL wallet.
  2. Create a wallet password and download your secret key (.json file)
    It is vitally IMPORTANT that you keep your zilliqa .json key file somewhere safe, even make a backup copy for yourself as ONLY. the person with access to this key and password will be able to spend/withdraw ZIL tokens from your wallet.
  3. Sync your wallet by re-uploading your key (.json file) and entering the password you created for the wallet.
  4. Now your profile is connected with your ZIL wallet! You will be able to see your current balance in ZIL and $USD conversion rate.
  5. Start interacting with other members, unlocking features and more!

Refilling/Buying ZIL tokens with $USD

There are a few ways members can choose to replenish their ZIL wallets with tokens.

  1. Members can also decide to purchase ZIL from the open market on an exchange like Binance.us or Bittrex.com and then transfer the tokens to their internal ZEYDRA ZIL wallet. This method should be used only if the user is familiar with how crypto transfers work. There will be very little difference in prices as ZEYDRA will try to offer tokens competitively vs spot pricing.

Withdrawing and Exchanging ZIL tokens to $USD

Withdrawing your ZIL to another compatible wallet or any exchange that trades ZIL token. We highly recommend using www.zillet.io to interact with your wallet (send/receive). You can upload your .json file at zillet and use the “Keystore File” method along with the same passphrase to send your ZIL in your Zeydra account to any other ZIL compatible wallet you may own, here’s a list.

  • ZIL is worth value in fiat $USD (price fluctuates)
  • Micropayments is actually one of the earliest concepts thought up during the pioneering eras of the internet. Being able to peg some unit of value ($USD) to daily interactions on the web, similar to how your favorite writer or publications are charging pay-walls now for content.
  • Zeydra’s ecosystem uses the ZIL token, a global cryptocurrency standard that is exchangeable 24 hours 7 days a week for fiat ($USD) at your own discretion.

Coming Soon Features in ZEYDRA

  • Video chat
  • Advanced search
  • Enhanced date proposal features
  • Newly secure ZIL wallet format
  • ZEYDRA NFT tokens (non-fungible) badges for premium/validated members (members who have gone through initial consultation with ZEYDRA team)
  • Mentorship & campaign frameworks and reward funnels
  • Enhanced member campaigns and content sharing