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ZEYDRA (beta)

Time is valuable, and with crypto-micropayments our members truly adhere to this classic phrase, along with another old saying…talk is cheap.

We want ZEYDRA members to be serious about their interest with one another, and also develop a level of commitment when they think they’ve found a good match.

ZEYDRA’s use of crypto-micropayments help members prove when they actually value each other’s time, quite literally. Meaningful interactions/features will require the use of ZIL tokens such as unlocking photos and supporting each other’s content.

But unlike other dating applications, that tokens (ZIL are exchangeable for real dollars) actually goes directly to the person you interact with! Talk about meaningful compliments.

*New members will be provided bonus free ZIL tokens to begin using and getting familiar with the platform. In other words, stop recklessly pinging people out of boredom or despair, be selective and show real interest to one another.

ZIL (Zilliqa blockchain)

ZIL (Zilliqa) is an established, globally accepted crypto-currency similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum (yes price can be volatile) and has been known as one of the leading, fastest blockchain protocols in the top 100 tokens globally.

ZEYDRA transactions are based by $USD value in ZIL (so the quantity of required ZIL to perform an action may change but not the costs in $USD). At the time of this writing, the exchange rate is $0.015 (one and a half cents) per 1 ZIL token. (In the near future, we are considering integrating the zBUSD stable coin that is pegged to the $USD, which would eliminate the token volatility.)

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Unlike virtual credits often bought within games, dating apps and other platforms, ZIL tokens are NOT wall gardened to a singular ecosystem, this means your ZIL tokens actually are worth and exchangeable for $USD at anytime and at your own discretion. (how to exchange to dollars is explained below)

ZIL Usage

These common member to member interactions may seem like spare change but they truly help members signal and evaluate interest levels incrementally. The common actions range from 10ZIL to 50ZIL which at the time of this writing ranges $0.20 to $1.00 based off real time price exchange rates, fun and helpful gestures for all members.

  • unlocking chat (one time unlock) $0.20 worth of ZIL

Hence, we encourage people to tell their stories, aspirations and to upload quality photos /content and ensure productive, considerate communication amongst members. The more interesting your profile, the higher likely hood of interactions (earning ZIL).

Having some cost attached to interactions help curb and ensure people are not spamming each other out of boredom or despair but are focused and attentive to people who are actually interested!

But that’s not all. Both Mentors and Mentees are also able to earn more ZIL (larger amounts) by these methods described below as well:

For Mentors: we want to encourage sharing great, informative educational information and content based upon their expertise and field of interests.
Example: A mentor who is an expert in real estate investing may decide to upload a list of his or her favorite databases to access public auctions for real estate properties. Such a list is valuable to anyone interested in this. The mentor can upload such a list and set a price to unlock the content say $1.00 or $10.00 worth of ZILs, depending on the comprehensiveness.

They can share write ups, reports, insights, one on one advice, newsletters, podcasts etc.

For Mentees: we encourage to share your story, your struggles and your own plan of actions to pursue your goals. Short term goals, long term goals. Honestly the more in depth the more likely you will display how serious you are about finding a suitable mentor and/or companion.

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Mentees are able to share what we call “campaigns” which are detailed posts about their personal goals e.g it could be saving up for tuition for vocational school/practice. Licensing fees, book fees, perhaps even a new laptop. It’s really up to the mentee to create a persuasive and compelling campaign for other members to explore, and get familiar with your goals as a mentee. These campaigns are launched with a knowledge share+ fundraiser attribute where other members can show their support with contributing useful content and or donations. There really could be no limit on how much a campaign can raise.

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ZIL Wallet (for beta version)

  1. Once you are first logged in, you will be prompted to create your ZIL wallet.

**Remember the importance of safeguarding your .json file. Store it somewhere and make a copy onto external hard drive or other safe copy. Without the .json no one will be able to access the wallet or reclaim it.
**1.0 release of ZEYDRA will switch over to more secure method of mnemonic pass phrase (no .json file required).

Refilling/Buying ZIL tokens with $USD

There are a few ways members can choose to replenish their ZIL wallets with tokens.

  1. The most convenient is buying directly from ZEYDRA reserves. Members can use their bank card or other methods (coming soon) to purchase ZIL tokens inside of ZEYDRA to easily refill their wallets. e.g $20, $50, $100 increments converted to ZIL tokens based on the real time conversion rates vs $USD.

Withdrawing and Exchanging ZIL tokens to $USD

Withdrawing your ZIL to another compatible wallet or any exchange that trades ZIL token. We highly recommend using to interact with your wallet (send/receive). You can upload your .json file at zillet and use the “Keystore File” method along with the same passphrase to send your ZIL in your Zeydra account to any other ZIL compatible wallet you may own, here’s a list.

For those who are new, we recommend opening a free account with . Here you will be able to withdraw your ZIL balance in ZEYDRA wallet to Binance in order to exchange your ZIL tokens into $USD dollars or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) very easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Summary points for ZIL tokens on ZEYDRA.

  • ZIL a universal cryptocurrency (take away wall gardens)

Coming Soon Features in ZEYDRA

  • Video chat

We hope you will join us on this new age social platform that will foster valuable companionships and bolster social mobility and prosperity for all.

Welcome to , sign up today!

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