When a new member signs up for their profile, the last step of the process is creating your individual crypto-ZIL compatible wallet. New members get seeded with 100 Free ZIL tokens to keep or spend! (ZIL is a global cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin)

It is important to finish this step because most interactions (earn & spend ZIL tokens) on ZEYDRA requires the use of this wallet.

It is only a few easy steps to ensure you successfully created your wallet. If you need the instructions for mobile click here.

  1. Right after uploading profile photos…
finish uploading profile pics…

2. …You will be prompted to create a new wallet or sync and existing one. A new users always creates a new one. Click bottom button.

Prompted to create NEW wallet

3. Choose and safeguard a secret passphrase. (MAKE SURE to click the eye icon to review you typed in your preferred passphrase correctly), then click Create Zil Wallet…

confirm passphrase by reviewing

4. This process usually takes 10–12 seconds… and it should automatically download a .json file named “zilliqakey”. This is your secret wallet key file to unlock your wallet every time you sign into ZEYDRA. **the .json file key is usually downloaded to your download folder.

The very next window requests you to RESTORE (sync/unlock) your newly created wallet, click “Choose Files” and select the .json file described above.

type in the same passphrase you just created in step 3 above.
select zilliqa .json file in download folder

5. …after clicking “Restore Wallet” it should take a couple of seconds for wallet to sync to your profile and then you are done! It usually takes up to 1 minute for your profile to reflect your current balance as the wallet interacts with the global blockchain data.

wallet successfully synced

Current ZIL token balance will show on upper corner and side bar. As long as you have enough tokens in your balance you can use them to unlock standard features to begin interacting with other members!

  • *You can also earn extra bonus ZIL by social verification through Facebook (instagram coming soon) and by inviting friends to join the community!

Next blog post we’ll cover how to actually add and withdraw ZIL tokens to other crypto compatible wallets or exchanges!