This is going to feel new to most but your incentive to create a wallet is to claim your free 100 ZIL crypto currency tokens. Just like Bitcoin, ZIL value fluctuates and could be worth a lot in the future…no promises, not financial advice!

Here’s a simple 5 step process for creating your new Zeydra ZIL wallet during the initial sign up of *This process is strictly for Beta version, we will be switching to a mnemonic or alternative key store method when 1.0 launches. (If you need desktop instructions click here.)

After uploading your initial profile pics, you will be prompted on your phone screen to create your new Zeydra ZIL wallet.

  1. First Time Wallet Creation (New Zeydra Member) click “No I am new”

2. Create your pass phrase for your Zeydra ZIL wallet (*WARNING: type this carefully and write this down). So whenever you wish to sync your wallet to Zeydra, you will need your pass phrase + .json key file (downloaded in the next few steps) ***NO seriously write it down. Nobody has the ability to recover your wallet or funds if you lose your .JSON private key AND passphrase.

Wait for private key (.json file) to download and for your Free ZIL tokens to transfer to your new wallet … (this can take up to 1 minute due to interacting with the blockchain network).

3. Download the .json key file (Store this safely on your phone or to external hard drive). This file should typically download to your iphone Files folder.

4. Login to ZIL Wallet, now upload the very exact file you just downloaded by clicking “Choose Files” it will pull up drop menu at bottom of your phone to locate the file. Typically the .json file will have downloaded to your iphone’s File folder. Click “browse”, “recent” and you should find the file.

5. After selecting the key file to upload, enter the same pass phrase you created in step 2 above.

and…your done and fully synced! Now you can interact, spend and buy ZIL tokens inside Zeydra. New users will see their free 100ZIL tokens show up in their wallet balance to start interacting with others. Welcome and enjoy using Zeydra!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Transfering key from mobile to desktop or vice versa.

Look for the Files Icon that is default on your Iphone (unless you moved it) this is typically where your secret .JSON ZIL wallet key will download to.

You will need to access it in order to sync your wallet whenever you need to use it; so consider airdropping or securely transferring (USB stick) between your phone and computer. Again, you MUST have this key to sync with Zeydra wallet and you MUST have this key stored securely as your wallet contains your valuable ZIL tokens!

Embed Video Instruction here.